Monday, October 10, 2016

Who’s #1 in Fax? – New Fax Market Survey underway

Fax & Document Delivery Survey Report - 2020

Fax Over Cloud announces a new Fax Market Survey Report to be available in Q1 of 2017. The survey will be the results of market data collected from:
  • Fax Server Companies
  • Fax Server Cloud/Hybrid Providers
  • Fax Delivery Technology Vendors (Fax Boards, FoIP, SIP, etc.)
  • Fax and Secure Document Delivery Vendors
All vendors are encouraged to participate in this survey. Interviews and survey questionnaires will begin by November 1, 2016. 

In addition to market rankings, the survey report will provide commentary and observations on each vendor's competitive positioning and product capabilities for today and into the future. 

"This report will be unlike all others before it." says Mark D Malone, Executive Analyst at Fax Over Cloud. "Previously published reports were chock full of unnecessary marketing speak, too lengthy, too wordy and unclear." he says. “Moreover, previous reports sliced and diced the market in to so many segments and sub-segments, it was hard to determine who’s really leading what. This will not be the case here.”

According to Malone, "Fax vendors are standing on the precipice of a fundamental shift of their markets; with less focus on fax per se  - and more focus on document exchange and securityThe technology visionaries who can execute successfully in this changing time will lead the way." 

The report will be available for purchase, with single-user, departmental, and global site licenses offered. Anticipated single user costs are expected be between $1500 - $2800 (USD - departmental and site licenses -TBD). 

Vendors should contact Mark Malone via email to schedule an interview, and to provide accurate, unbiased market and product data.

Fax over Cloud™
Mark D Malone
+1 520 730 3389
+1 518 300 1069 (skype)

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

IXD Announces Information Exchange Product Survey

August 2016 - IXD, an information exchange solution provider, is now conducting a product survey to gather feedback about fax and information exchange needs.

If you are a fax server or service administrator, a user, reseller, or provider - then you are invited to participate.

The fax server/service market is changing, but IXD has an approach worth noting as part of their vision embodies a "fax displacement" concept. They offer products such as secure email, secure email gateways, and high speed routing - all of which could extend current fax investments.

Here's IXD's statement about their survey and a link.

IXD is a secure information exchange provider that connects fax servers, secure mail, and enterprise applications to allow for the high-speed, secure transfer of any information between users. They are conducting a survey to assist with developing new products for the fax server and fax services market and they would like feedback from fax administrators, sponsors and users as well as fax server and fax service providers and resellers. 

The survey should take less than five minutes. 

You can access the survey at

IXD WebSite (click here)

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

XMediusFAX has a new look

June 08, 2016 - Fax Over Cloud recently made contact with the makers of XMediusFAX® from Montreal Canada -- and we're happy for it. This is a company with a new lease on life.

Splitting away from French parent company Sagemcom in December of 2015, the new company XMedius Solutions, Inc. was formed. Los Angeles-based private investment firm, StoneCalibre and some members of their Executive team now have shared ownership.

XMediusFAX® is by no means a new product line either. Serving the market since 1996, research analysts continually placed the XMedius product line close to the top of the enterprise fax leader board. Competitors like Biscom, Esker and market-leading RightFax always took notice and still do.

Under this new company, they’re spearheading their expansion in the marketplace with two proven and well established fax products:  XMediusFAX® On Premises and XMediusFAX® Cloud.  And, they’ve undergone an attractive re-marketing effort complete with a new look to their web site, brand identity and their communication. It’s new, it’s fresh, it’s honed in and -- their message is on point.

XMedius vs. RightFax?  For years it seemed that XMediusFAX often faced-off with RightFax in the open market. Analyst reports confirmed many times their position in the market place as either #1 or #2 depending on the fax category surveyed. Today, feedback “from the street” will claim that the Open Text RightFax® business model is undergoing change, and some would even posit that it leaves a gap for players like XMedius to exploit. No doubt they -- and a small handful of others will do whatever it takes to chip away at the envious RightFax base. As proof, XMedius wasted no time in signing a business partnership with former top RightFax VAR Instant InfoSystems. And, in speaking with former RightFax evangelists who now are in XMedius’ employ, there’s much excitement with this “new” yet veteran fax organization.

New branding, a focused marketing plan, an innovative secure document exchange solution to be launched in September, and a new financial backing from a reputable investment firm. Watch out for XMedius in 2016 and beyond. Their new lease on life and momentum is refreshing to observe.

Check out the press releases about StoneCalibre's acquisition.

Check out the XMedius new branding and web site

More to come about XMedius…

Mark Malone
Fax Over Cloud