Monday, January 30, 2017 is here!

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Many surveys have been sent and many more still to go!

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Fax Market Survey Update

Here's the latest: & Important Updates

1) is born!: We created a site dedicated and devoted to all matters related to the report.  It's still under construction, but feel free to stop by !

2) Survey questionnaires: These will start circulation by December 15, 2016. We needed more time to refine the survey and questions to meet all of the segments of Fax and Document Delivery.

Why? Because we're taking the extra time and producing one singular report that will encompass ALL aspects of fax including 
  • Server software
  • Telephony hardware & software
  • Cloud & Hyrbrid
  • Fax devices, and fax communications. 

Past reports broke these down and reported on them separately.  So, we want the questionnaire to cover all sub-segments.

3) Clarification about providing financials: We're making a conscious decision to ask for your fax and document delivery revenue. However - it is NOT the goal of this report to provide rankings by revenue alone. Let's face it, the revenue numbers provided by vendors are hard to compare and normalize.

4) Non-disclosure Agreements. Mark Malone will sign any non-disclosure from all participants if presented with one. Moreover, we have prepared a standard NDA that can be used as well. Our attitude simple: We won't state, print, report upon, or publish without vendor approval.

5) Post-survey interviews, conference calls and meetings. Once survey questionnaires are submitted, there will be plenty of time for follow-up discussions, conference calls and possibly site visits. Participating vendors should expect a post survey meeting to elaborate Q.

Monday, October 10, 2016

Who’s #1 in Fax? – New Fax Market Survey underway

Fax & Document Delivery Survey Report - 2020

Fax Over Cloud announces a new Fax Market Survey Report to be available in Q1 of 2017. The survey will be the results of market data collected from:
  • Fax Server Companies
  • Fax Server Cloud/Hybrid Providers
  • Fax Delivery Technology Vendors (Fax Boards, FoIP, SIP, etc.)
  • Fax and Secure Document Delivery Vendors
All vendors are encouraged to participate in this survey. Interviews and survey questionnaires will begin by November 1, 2016. 

In addition to market rankings, the survey report will provide commentary and observations on each vendor's competitive positioning and product capabilities for today and into the future. 

"This report will be unlike all others before it." says Mark D Malone, Executive Analyst at Fax Over Cloud. "Previously published reports were chock full of unnecessary marketing speak, too lengthy, too wordy and unclear." he says. “Moreover, previous reports sliced and diced the market in to so many segments and sub-segments, it was hard to determine who’s really leading what. This will not be the case here.”

According to Malone, "Fax vendors are standing on the precipice of a fundamental shift of their markets; with less focus on fax per se  - and more focus on document exchange and securityThe technology visionaries who can execute successfully in this changing time will lead the way." 

The report will be available for purchase, with single-user, departmental, and global site licenses offered. Anticipated single user costs are expected be between $1500 - $2800 (USD - departmental and site licenses -TBD). 

Vendors should contact Mark Malone via email to schedule an interview, and to provide accurate, unbiased market and product data.

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